The Age Of Marriage Of Daughters Will Change This Can Apply To Every Religion

 First in the Union Budget, in the Red Case speech and now in the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) program on Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is constantly talking about the minimum age for girls. After 42 years the structure of major change has been prepared.

  • There will be a change in the status of daughters
  • The minimum age for marriage will be changed to 18 years
  • The committee headed by Jaya Jaitley reportedly prepared

PM Narendra Modi will take the final decision

The government has considered the matter on June 4. A task force headed by Jaya Jaitley was constituted. In his address on Friday, PM Modi said that the government will take an important decisions as soon as the report of the task force comes. The report will be handed over to the government soon.

Currently the minimum age of marriage for girls is 18 and for boys it is years. The Supreme Court and the Delhi High Court have asked why there is a difference in the minimum age for marriage between boys and girls. The task force has suggested a change in the minimum age of marriage for young women. The age of marriage will change after 42 years as soon as these instructions are applied.

At present the minimum age of marriage for daughters is 18 years and for boys it is 21 years. This change will apply equally to all religions and classes. Also, the section of the Sexual Violence Act will be amended under which if a husband has an affair with a girl below the age of 18, it does not fall under the definition of rape.


Think and change on these issues

  • The minimum age of marriage for girls will be changed for each class and religion
  • Violators of the minimum age of marriage will fall into the category of crime
  • The exception will be removed by amending the Sexual Violence Act.

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