Which dryfoot is the most beneficial, know the name

Dry fruits include cashews, almonds, opistas, figs and raisins. Figs are considered to be the best dried fruit among dried fruits. In Arabian lands, figs are called the fruit of paradise.

  • Figs beneficial for blood
  • Very beneficial for respiratory patients
  • Slowly remove excess fat

To purify the blood
Consumption of figs purifies the blood. It gives excellent results in blood diseases. Take three figs and 15 black dried grapes daily before going to bed and boil them well in a glass of milk.

Relief in constipation
Many people have a very big question about constipation. For this, getting up in the morning and eating figs on an empty stomach or dipping a fig in a glass of milk at night and eating the softened figs with milk in the morning gives relief in old constipation.

Beneficial for women
Figs are beneficial for women who have menstrual problems in which menstruation occurs irregularly. The mother's milk also increases with the consumption of figs. Figs are good for low back pain in women.

For good bone development
The calcium in figs strengthens human bones. Soaking two figs in a glass of water overnight and drinking it in the morning gives our body the right amount of calcium.

Beneficial in breathing problems
Many people have trouble breathing as they get older. Figs are very beneficial for asthma and respiratory patients as they destroy gas in the body.


For a patient with BP

Figs are also very beneficial for people who have problems with blood pressure. Reduces body fat by gradually removing excess body fat. Eating figs is also very beneficial for those who are suffering from anemia.

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